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Last update: 2021-06-16

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The best list of family feud questions to ask. Free PDF resource included.

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Family Feud is a game show originally aired on TV in 1976. The show pits two families against one another in a type of guessing game. Most recently, in 2020, Steve Harvey is the host of Family Feud. It's one of the most popular television game shows today. Family Feud can be played at home, where families ask each other Family Feud questions and assign points to the answers very similar to the way the game is played on TV.

How to Play Family Feud

Family Feud is a simple game. To play at home you'll need at least two teams of anywhere from three to five players. Requiring a minimum of six players in order to have a fun game night. Unlike the game on TV, you won't need the players to be from various families. Try to make the game players grouped evenly. Meaning, a mom and a dad on either team. Rather than mom/dad on the same Family Feud team.

What You'll Need

You'll need a "host" to the game. Someone who can ask the questions, record the answers, and keep the score of each team's earned points. A buzzer can be helpful to ensure that the team knows when their time is up. You can use an iPhone timer to make it easy. Most phones come with timers.

You'll need a few things. A whiteboard or chalkboard can be helpful in keeping score. The host should record the answers given on the whiteboard so that each team can see what the answers were. Finally, you'll need a list of Family Feud questions and answers. We've included a list of questions to ask during the game.

Don't forget to print the correct answers to make the game easier to play.

How to Play the Game

In order to play the game, the teams should decide on the number of rounds they'd like to play before beginning the game. The host will then read out the questions to the "leaders" of the group/team. The team whose team leader chooses the highest scoring answer (which is the answer given most frequently) decides they want to continue with that survey question (the Family Feud question or game prompt) or pass it onto the other team.

The players from the guessing team will guess the answer without consulting the other team members. Any wrong answer is a "strike" against the team. If the team earns three strikes, the opposing team gets a chance to answer and get all the points (only if they are correct). Points are awarded to the team based upon the answer and how frequently that answer is given to the game question or game prompt.

It's best to choose an open space where all players can see the whiteboard during the game. To have the most fun, make sure the teams are grouped together on either end of the room. Make sure the room is comfortable and ready for playing game night.

Passing control of the round

If playing the family feud game similar to the TV series, you'll need to play with strikes. If a member of the team answers one of the questions incorrectly while having control of the question (or round), they get a strike. The team needs to guess all the answers correctly without getting three strikes.

The team who gets three strikes before correctly guessing all answers, has their control passed onto the next team. Use the following family feud game questions to play.

Here is an example round of Family Feud

Name something that you might need to get fixed

What is a "Fast Money" round?

A fast money round is where the game either ends or progresses to one of these rounds. It is where one of the families has the opportunity to earn a total of 300 points. A "Fast Money" round isn't normally played during the "at-home" version of Family Feud.

The point system

The points earn a total possible earning of 100 points.

Fun Family Feud Questions

1. Name something you might do when you wake up in the morning.

2. Name a food that you might lick.

3. Name something you'd do in front of a mirror.

4. Name a popular Comedy TV Show.

5. Best place for someone to study.

6. Name something you might drink.

7. If you heard a noise in the middle of the night.

8. Name a famous video game character.

9. Another word people say when they're "stoned."

10. Name a reason to celebrate a party.

11. Name something people tend to fall out of.

12. Name something you keep inside your wallet.

13. Chores you might be forced to do.

14. Something you might eat with crackers.

15. Things you never leave home without.

16. Name ways to get rich quickly.

17. Something you do at night.

18. First thing you do in the morning when you wake up.

19. Name things that people tend to cut with scissors.

20. Name hot things.

21. Name things kids usually hate.

22. Name a body part that a pirate would be missing.

23. Name things people get traffic citations (tickets) for doing.

24. Gifts to surprise a person you know.

25. Things you would post on social media.

26. Things you'd find around the house.

27. Things you might do in a bed.

28. Name things you would bring to the beach.

29. Games you would play outside.

30. Name a family tradition.

31. Name ways that people usually change their appearance.

32. Name a famous country singer.

33. Name someone you think has it all.

34. Dog breed that has a bad wrap.

35. Free things you could do with your friends.

36. Things that would make you a lousy customer.

37. Name a shellfish that someone might eat.

38. Name something people usually get a side with their meal.

39. Name something people usually renovate in their home.

40. Name a sport people might play outside.

41. Name things kids do when they're young.

42. Name popular action and superhero.

43. Name yard work that you might do outside.

44. Name something that might wake you up in the middle of the night.

45. Subjects that you might learn while you're at school.

46. Name something people like to hold onto.

47. Name something that people normally get insurance for.

48. Name a winter sport that people would play.

49. Name things that you might eat while watching a movie.

50. Name things that you'd usually view inside a museum.

Family Feud Questions for Kids

Family Feud questions and answers for kids.

60. Name an animal that families might keep as a pet.

61. Name something that might get you in trouble at school.

62. Name something that you'd do when you get home from school.

63. Name large countries.

64. Name animals that you would see at the Zoo.

65. Name foods that are healthy for you to be eating.

66. Name something that would make your mom/dad happy.

67. Name an activity you might do with your parents on the weekend.

68. Name something you and your friends might do for fun.

69. Name something that provides you light when it's dark.

70. Name something that you might find in your school classroom.

Family Feud Questions (Images to Share)

best family feud questions
best family feud questions
best family feud questions
best family feud questions

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