Fun Texting Games (12 Best Games to Play)

💡 The Best List of Texting Games to Play with Friends.

Last update: 2021-06-16

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The best list of games to play over text.

Playing texting games is a fun way to interact with friends. Getting a group chat together and playing games is a great way to spend your time. Multiple games can get played over text messages without downloading any applications. Here are the best games to play over text and how to play them.

These games are perfect for friends who might have a long distance between the two of them. Each fun texting game listed below can get played with either two people or in a group setting.

Fun Texting Games (Ranked)

The list of the best texting games to play. Not to mention, all listed games to play are 100% free.

Truth or Dare Over Text

Truth or dare can get played over text messages. Much like the traditional game of truth or dare. One person in the group gets a truth question. If the person decides that they don't want to answer the truth question, then they must answer a dare.

During the dare, it's often recorded through videos or photographs that get taken during the dare. The photographs get shared with the group over text messages.

Truth and dare questions for over text messages can be found from this resource.

Kiss, Marry, K#ll

In the game of "kiss marry k#ll," the players are given three people to choose from. The people in the game are often real or fictional. The players must choose which one of the characters to kiss, one the characters to marry, and one of the characters to k#ll.

To play over text messages, one person starts the game by making an announcement of the general rules. And then one person must present three people to "kiss/marry/k#ll." The players in the group chat must respond with their choices.

Characters might include:

Learn how to play "kiss marry k#ll."

Would You Rather

Playing would you rather over text is very easy. One person prompts the players in the chat or the other player with a prompt. The prompt contains a "Would you rather" start to a question. In this question, the players must choose between either prompt A or prompt B in the sentence.

Often played as a conversation starter game, the rules are simple. Players choose their path in the question and go back and forth on what their response is. An example question consists of, "Would you rather be a monkey or a donkey?"

Take turns posing questions to ensure that each player feels involved in this fun game. For would you rather questions to ask over text, visit this resource.

Story Wars

Story Wars (or Story War) is a simple game that encourages each person to get creative. The players must continue sentences in a creative fashion to develop a fun and unique story. To play, one player must start with a prompt like "One upon a time." From there, the next player begins to develop a story.

There are no rules to this game. It's fun to play. Each player must continue the sentence from the prior player's response or answer. Here is an example of a conversation that might happen with friends.

First player: Once upon a time, there was a donkey sleeping in a cave.

Second player: The donkey grew a mustache and began to speak English.

You: Little did he realize, he was in Mexico. And that donkeys don't exist in Mexico. How did he get there?

This game can get played with a word or phrase rather than a sentence, as well. With each of the words building on top of one another to develop a single sentence.

20 Questions/21 Questions

20 questions or 21 questions is a fun game where players ask each other questions that need honest responses. Each player gets 21 questions to choose from. They can ask each other any prompt in this texting game. To play, the players must agree to answer honestly. From there, each person in the game must decide which question to ask.

To play the game, simply present the opportunity to the other player. Suggesting, "Let's play 21 questions."

This is a great game to play with a boyfriend/girlfriend. Answers must be truthful in order for the game to be fun. Players take turns asking each other questions back and forth. Choose funny questions to make for a fun evening with friends.

Put a Finger Down

To play put a finger down, all players start with ten fingers. A question prompt is asked to each person in the group. Or to the other player. When the question is asked to the group if the player's answer is "yes," they must put a finger down. If the player's response to the prompt is "no," they can keep a finger up.

Each player must answer the question honestly. The person who has all of their fingers down first is the loser. Meaning, the first person to run out of fingers is the loser. Example questions look like the following, "Put a finger down if you're ever done dr#gs."

Emojis can be used to present how many fingers are left. Or photographs of your fingers can get used as well.

For questions to ask in a "put a finger down" game, go to this resource.


Unscramble is a fun word game. One person jumbles up the letters in a single word. The players must respond with what they believe the correct spelling of the word is. If the player guesses correctly, they earn a point. The correct player then can choose the next word to play.

An example of this game looks like the following.

First player: Aobcn.

You: Bacon.

The second player is correct. And earns the point. Now the other player uses guesses to unscramble a word of your choice. There is no specified number of rounds for this game. It can get played continuously with a group of friends. Begin with four-letter words and advance to more letters in order to make the game difficult.

Guess the Song

Since players in this game can't hear the songs, it's best to use snippets of lyrics. One person must choose a song that is memorable. They can look up the lyrics and choose a small portion of the song to share.

Here is what a share might look like:

Just a small-town girl

Livin' in a lonely world

She took the midnight train goin' anywhere

The correct answer: Journey - Don't Stop Believing

Players who earn the most points win this texting game. It's better when a category or genre of music has gotten chosen by the players before beginning the game.

Challenge: Set a time limit to how long the song can play for. This makes the game more advanced.

Trivia Questions

Trivia is easy to play over text. This game is best played with a time limit. If the players don't respond with the correct answer to the prompt, they forfeit the round and the following question is asked. To play, one player must choose a trivia question. They present the question to the group. And whoever responds with the correct answer receives a point. The first player to get to 21 points wins the game.

Couples could play with questions about each other, as well. For example, "Where did I grow up?" And the other opponent (your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband) in the game must try to guess the correct answer.

To find great trivia questions to ask over text, use this resource.

Guess the Movie

Playing is simple. To begin, choose a GIF or still image to share. Anyone who responds with the correct title of the movie shared earns a point. Anyone who reaches 21 points wins the game. Another way to play is to state a line or phrase from a movie. And have each person guess with what film they believe it's from.

Find movies on Google using image search from your phone.

Text Like a Millennial

This challenge game is a fun way to learn about the new abbreviations of the younger generations. Beginning the game is simple, one player brings up either an emoji combination or abbreviation like "LOL" to share. Each person in the group answers with what they think the emoji combination story tells. Or what the abbreviation means. Wrong answers are often funny.

Name Trivia Game

There are two ways to play this texting game. The first is to use the last letter of the name shared in the text to follow up with another name. For example, if the first person had used the name "Elvis" as their shared name. Then the next player would follow up with the name "Stevie Knicks." The very last letter must be the first letter of the next name shared.

The rules are simple, players continue rounds until there are no more guesses left.

Never Have I Ever

"Never Have I Ever" is a very simple parlor game and party game. To play, one person presents a prompt to the group. Each player has ten fingers that they must hold up (use an emoji to display how many fingers you have up). When the player sends the question to the group, each player must text back with the number of fingers they still have up.

When the prompt is mentioned to the group, any player who has done the act in the mentioned prompt must put a finger down. The friend who has all fingers down first, loses.

In this game, it's used as a way to get to know your friends better. Rather than having a point system.

Never Have I Ever Questions to Ask

"I Spy"

To play "I Spy" by phone, have one player pick a topic. This could be nature, animals, people, things, objects, and more. Each player should take a turn. The player must say, "I Spy with my little eye something that's red."

The players then take photographs of something that's red. The player who asked the prompt should pick the submission that most closely resembles what was on their brain. The player with the most correct answers wins the game.

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