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Last update: 2021-06-16

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Find a list of the best this or that questions. Free printable PDF resource included.

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This or that questions get asked during a verbal game played between two people or in a small group. The game starts by saying, "Pick one." And then gets followed by the "this or that" questions.

How to Play "This or That" Game

This is an easy game to play with friends or family. One player starts by saying, "Pick one." And the other player gets prompted to answer with either the first or the second option. The game can be played to learn more about each other. Or the game can use a point scoring system.

An example round is the following. The first player asks, "Winter or summer?" And the second player must pick one. Then the next question is asked.

Purpose of the game

"This or that" is commonly played between two people who would like to get to know each other. These questions to get to know each other can spark conversation. And playing this game is a great way to get to know someone. Or a great way to get to know your friends better. Game players who decide to play "this or that" are commonly seeking conversation starters. Similar games are "would you rather." Make sure to answer honestly.

Using a point system

To use a point system, have one player try to guess the other player's answers. And if the responding player is correct about their guess, they earn a point. Earn points up to twenty-one. Or stop the game once all the players have answered all the questions below.

Rules of the game

There are no rules to this game. The main rule of the game is to ensure that all players answer quickly. This game can get played in a round-table format. The round-table format means each player takes turns answering the questions quickly. Or can get played by answering all questions in total. And then counting how many players answered the questions correctly.

Remember, if using a point system, the answers must be about another player. This helps two or more people learn more about each other.

Where to play the game

Play this game on a first date. Or during Thanksgiving or Christmas. Or when meeting a new friend and looking for something to do. Many players choose to start this game when feeling "bored" and needing to start a conversation.

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This or That Questions for Couples

This or that questions for couples to ask.

  1. Family or friends?
  2. Hair or height?
  3. Coffee or tea?
  4. Hot or cold?
  5. Truth or lies?
  6. Glasses or contacts?
  7. Month or day?
  8. College or high school?
  9. Pumpkin pie or apple pie?
  10. Live in a care facility or d#e early?
  11. Infinite free time or money?
  12. Workout out every day or three times per week?
  13. Spend time in prison or d#e?
  14. Painting or drawing?
  15. What’s more appealing, home design, or fashion design?
  16. TV or Book?
  17. Instagram or travel?
  18. New York area or Seattle area?
  19. Salad or steak?
  20. Fashion or friendship?
  21. d#e in 5-minutes or live forever?
  22. Sticky or itchy for the rest of your life?
  23. Fried food or salad?
  24. Apples or oranges?
  25. Love or sex?
  26. Hot chocolate or eggnog?
  27. Peanut butter or chocolate?
  28. Beer or wine?
  29. Soda or seltzer water?
  30. Dark chocolate or white chocolate?
  31. Cake or cookies?
  32. Dogs or cats?
  33. Nice car or a nice home?
  34. Adult mind in a child body or child body in an adult mind?
  35. Be an author or an editor?
  36. Write a book or a movie?
  37. Time travel or the ability to fly?
  38. Mountain area or beach area?
  39. Forest or beach?
  40. Pool or river?
  41. A water park or amusement park?
  42. k#ll your brother or sister?
  43. Drown to death or be stoned to death?
  44. Iced coffee or hot coffee?
  45. Blue or red hair color?
  46. Snow White or Cinderella?
  47. Bacon and eggs or toast and eggs?
  48. Never taste a flavor or never see anything?
  49. Salty or sweet?
  50. A sporting event or musical event?
  51. The Simpsons or Family Guy?
  52. Green grapes or red grapes?
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Funny This or That Questions

Funny questions to ask when playing this game.

  1. Nuts or berries?
  2. Sneeze or fart?
  3. Booger or feces?
  4. Fact or fiction?
  5. Pasta or pizza?
  6. Boxers or briefs?
  7. Burger king or McDonalds?
  8. Singing or dancing?
  9. Bath or shower?
  10. Cats or dogs
  11. Hot dogs or cheeseburgers?
  12. Board games or video games?
  13. Superman or Spiderman?
  14. French fries or onion rings?
  15. Captain America or Iron Man?
  16. Wonder Woman or Supergirl?
  17. Yogurt or ice cream?
  18. Chocolate or vanilla?
  19. Sour cream or cream cheese?
  20. Ice cream cone or in a cup?
  21. Acne cream or hemorrhoid cream?
  22. Sweatpants or track pants?
  23. Dogs or babies?
  24. Baby boy or baby girl?
  25. Fiction novel or non-fiction novel?
  26. Right side up or upside down?
  27. Wood or wicker?
  28. Hard bed or soft bed?
  29. Hay bed or water bed?
  30. Halloween or Christmas?
  31. Straight line or diagonal line?
  32. Bumper cars or roller coasters?
  33. Fried food or barbecue food?
  34. Disney or Universal?
  35. Large group or small group?
  36. Birthday or anniversary?
  37. Sandwich or salad?
  38. Bread or butter?
  39. iPhone or Google Pixel?
  40. Desktop or laptop?
  41. Stuffed animals or dolls?
  42. Hunting or fishing?
  43. Coca-Cola soda or Pepsi soda?
  44. Marvel or DC comics?
  45. Recliner chair or sofa?
  46. Shopping in a store or online?
  47. Mind or body?
  48. Shower or bathtub?
  49. Taco or burrito?
  50. Mexico or Italy?
  51. Popcorn or ice cream?
  52. Card game or trivia game?
  53. Garden or patio?
  54. Hawaii or Alaska?
  55. Wood or concrete?
  56. Movie theater or movie at home?
  57. 80s movie or 90s movie?
  58. Form or function?
  59. Step in glue or step in mud?
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Friendship This or That Questions

This or that questions for friends to ask.

  1. Honest conversation or fake conversation?
  2. Hypothetical or intellectual?
  3. Deep questions or surface questions?
  4. Quiz games or trivia games?
  5. Television or a book?
  6. Rest or stay up all night?
  7. Men or women?
  8. Short life or a long life?
  9. Asia or India?
  10. New York City or Los Angeles?
  11. Toilet or out-house?
  12. Bagel or toast?
  13. Rock music or country music?
  14. Cold weather or hot weather?
  15. Weird statements or dishonest statements?
  16. Month or days?
  17. Pinterest or Twitter?
  18. Fun conversations or deep conversations?
  19. Lakehouse style home or log cabin style home?
  20. Be early or be late?
  21. Short-term relationship or a long-term relationship?
  22. Romantic relationship first or friendship first?
  23. Meat or vegetables?
  24. Plants or trees?
  25. Fruit or vegetables?
  26. A hug or a kiss?
  27. Be blind or be deaf?
  28. Podcasts or books?
  29. Monkeys or cows?
  30. Be remembered for all the wrong reasons or be forgotten?
  31. Be in the arctic or be tropical?
  32. Lose your hair or lose your eyebrows?
  33. Google or Bing?
  34. Fun facts or fiction?
  35. Rolls or wrinkles?
  36. Breakfast or lunch?
  37. Lunch or dinner?
  38. Buy a house or pay off college?
  39. Paper bag or plastic bag?
  40. Farmers market or grocery store?
  41. Lose a job or lose a spouse?
  42. Living room or bedroom?
  43. A flat tire or broken steering wheel?
  44. Apartment or house?
  45. Spring or Summer?
  46. Visit a museum or a library?
  47. Ants or spiders?
  48. A watch that can't tell time or a phone that doesn't work?
  49. Lose your bank account information or your social security number?
  50. A loyal friend or an honest friend?
  51. Sunglasses or visor?
  52. Have the sunroof open or closed?
  53. Gloves or mittens?
  54. Shoes or bare feet?
  55. Lose a family member or a friend?
  56. Family or friends?
  57. Eat a person dead or alive?
  58. Change the world or change a person?
  59. Freeze time or teleport?
  60. Chinese or Japanese food?
  61. Walking Dead or Breaking Bad?
  62. Sit down restaurant or fast-food?
  63. Disney World or Disney Land?
  64. Shopping in store or online shopping?
  65. Comedy movie or scary movie?
  66. Rich friend or poor friend?
  67. Play sports or go out?
  68. Big party or small gathering?
  69. History museum or the zoo?
  70. Modern art or architecture?

Bonus Questions

Bonus this or that questions.

  1. Book or eBook?
  2. Summer or winter?
  3. Cake or pie?
  4. Cardio or weights?
  5. Short hair or long hair?
  6. Coke or Pepsi?
  7. Iced tea or tot tea?
  8. Football or basketball?
  9. Car or truck?
  10. Swimming or sunbathing?
  11. Spring or fall?
  12. Pen or pencil?
  13. Video games or board games?
  14. Pancakes or waffles?
  15. Theme park or forest?
  16. TV shows or movies?
  17. Call or text?
  18. Facebook or Twitter?
  19. Toilet paper or bidet?
  20. Working alone or in a group?
  21. New phone or old phone?

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