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💡 The Best List of Unanswerable Questions to Ask a Friend, Date, Family Member, or Colleague.

Last update: 2021-05-12

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The best list of unanswerable questions to ask.

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Asking unanswerable questions is a fun way to play a game with friends. An unanswerable question isn't necessarily a question that cannot be answered. But it is one that requires a heavy amount of intellectual thought behind the question itself. A type of deep question.

These questions can spark conversation, encourage thoughtful response, and generally inspire. What makes a really great unanswerable answer or question is that it encourages analysis of life. Our existence on this planet as humans is a unique circumstance. One without many answers. And only the best questions ask us to consider what we are doing here and why we exist.

Unanswerable questions

About life (mind blowing questions)

  1. What's the biggest human advancement to happen on earth?
  2. What do you think makes time real?
  3. Is it plausible that the world is flat?
  4. If you looked at a map of the inside of a planet, what would it look like?
  5. Presume you enjoy wasting others time, is it still wasting your time?
  6. Would society exist without monetary policies?
  7. What do you think our ancestors expected us to figure out by now?
  8. How do you believe the universe was created?
  9. Do you believe there is something beyond the universe we can currently see?
  10. Why does anything exist in this world?
  11. How many thoughts do you think a person has on a daily basis?
  12. Can a short person "talk down" to another taller person?
  13. Why do you think we need to eat food?
  14. What is the definition of intelligence?
  15. Why do you think math is important?
  16. How do you think math was created?
  17. Is it possible for us to evolve to having wings?
  18. Who invented the mirror and why do you think they invented it?
  19. What is the definition of "fail?"
  20. Do we currently understand the human brain?
  21. How many things can be "sensed" outside the human realm of thinking?
  22. What do you think space is made of?
  23. How can you change the course of history?
  24. When you move forward in life, can you still move backward?
  25. What makes us want to succeed in life?
  26. What's the point of emotions?
  27. Why do you humans feel emotions and other animals do not?
  28. How can you create time?
  29. Is wasting time a sin?
  30. What makes something indescribable?
  31. What makes humans attracted to each other?
  32. Why do we describe things as "chemistry" when it has two separate meanings?
  33. Who created God if God created man?
  34. What compels someone to want to commit m#rder?
  35. Why do we dream at night?
  36. Why do you think we have the ability to visualize what the future might look like when animals don't?
  37. Do you think animals are able to think about the past like humans can?

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That make no sense

  1. What came first, the chicken or the egg?
  2. Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons if God created them first?
  3. If you went to the center of the earth, how would you survive?
  4. If someone was born deaf, what language do they speak in their head?
  5. When dogs jump on top of each other, is it still called a dog pile?
  6. How do you think a new word gets invented?
  7. Did we discover math or was it here before us?
  8. Why do we call sour things "sour?"
  9. Can there every be a greater number than the greatest number?
  10. Why is it that the weather can be "party cloudy" but not "partly sunny?"
  11. Why do we track our age?
  12. What is space matter and where does it come from?
  13. What makes something "impossible?"
  14. Do you think things are actually "interesting" when we say they are?
  15. What makes us have a human "limit?"
  16. Are cars good for our planet and civilization?
  17. Should prisons operate in the future? Perhaps think about society and laws.
  18. If we could fly, would we still say we are traveling somewhere?
  19. When someone threatens to k#ll themselves, is it still a hostage situation for the police?
  20. Why are we searching for the God particle?
  21. When you ask someone about "God," what do they say?
  22. Who is it that we are talking to when we pray?
  23. Why is that we never understand how the human brain works but we continue to invent new things?
  24. What is a question with no answer called?
  25. Can monkeys have a monkeys uncle?

Funny unanswerable questions

  1. When the French kiss is it still considered "french kissing?"
  2. Why do you think tomatoes are a fruit?
  3. What is the first type of dog that existed?
  4. When do you expect yourself to have a bowel movement?
  5. Why exactly do you think we have bowel movements?
  6. Would the world be a better place without humans?
  7. What makes things a game?
  8. If you ever had to face a robot in a fight, how would you win?
  9. If you ever had to face a grizzly bear in the woods, how would you survive?
  10. What makes humans want to keep their existence on this planet?
  11. Why are we searching for answer in life?
  12. What is the actual color of a mirror?
  13. Why do we enjoy the smell of gasoline?
  14. Why do we enjoy the smell of our own farts?
  15. Why must we look at things that disgust or gross us out?
  16. What makes a question a question?
  17. What time of day do you think the world was created?
  18. What day of the week do you think the world was created on?
  19. Why do you think humans want to track what day of the week it is?
  20. Who invented the idea of days and their names?
  21. Why is that we enjoy watching others fail more than we like watching them succeed?

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