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This website was started in 2020. The aim of the website is to collect and share conversation starter questions. Sometimes referred to as icebreaker questions. These questions can be useful for all types of situations. From dating to virtual meetings. Or networking events.

The name of the website is pronounced "Icebreaker Questions" and the domain extension is not included.

These questions can be a fun way to spark conversation with family or friends. And can act as a type of conversation lubricant. Building connectivity and chemistry between groups of people.

Why games?

Family time is truly an important past-time. And it's a past-time that is slowly going away. Cell phones and computers have taken our attention. And connecting with friends, family, loved ones, and new relationships is a truly important part of our life.

We believe that games, questions, and conversations leads to meaningful connections that can improve a humans life in bountiful ways.

This is why we chose to focus on games, conversation starters, and question lists.

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This website written and authored by John Smith, a Harvard English graduate. John has been an avid gamer and gaming advocate for more than ten years. He's assisted in the development of many trivia card games and question games. John gets help from Patrick, who reviews our games before going live.

The website will be advertiser supported in the future. It does not have any affiliate links. And does not make paid recommendations.

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For more information contact the webmaster at admin@icebreakerquestions.info

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Created by John Smith and reviewed by Patrick D., the gaming guys. We love games and questions that inspire conversation. See more on the about page.