180 Fun Things To Do With Friends

💡 The Best List of Fun Things to Do With Friends

Last update: 2021-05-12

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The best list of fun things to do with friends.

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Everyone needs an idea of fun things to do with friends from time to time. From getting out of your comfort zone to having a dinner party. Or just looking to have some fun. Here are the best ideas of what to do with friends.

Fun Things to Do With Friends

Best ideas on what to do with friends. Below is a list of fun activities, hobbies, and ideas to spend your time wisely.


  1. Go to the movies.
  2. Wash your neighbors or parents car.
  3. Do arts/crafts outdoors.
  4. Ride your bikes.
  5. Learn how to rollerblade.
  6. Go skateboarding.
  7. Learn how to ice skate.
  8. Play chess.
  9. Play checkers.
  10. Start a garden.
  11. Exchange books with friends.
  12. Go to the zoo.
  13. Put on a fake comedy show for friends and neighbors.
  14. Have a water balloon fight.
  15. Ask your parents to drive you to the drive-in movie theatre.
  16. Start a book club with neighbors.
  17. Try on different makeup products.
  18. Try out new public beaches in the summer.
  19. Go hiking.
  20. Explore a new town.
  21. Put on a beauty pageant.
  22. Have a sleepover.
  23. Have a FaceTime call with friends.
  24. Start a dance competition on TikTok.
  25. Make paper airplanes.
  26. Put on a magic show.
  27. Draw on paper.
  28. Learn to paint.
  29. Run a mile.
  30. Play poker.


  1. Become an author of a book.
  2. Explore your area or hometown.
  3. Visit an escape room.
  4. Start a community garden.
  5. Go to a restaurant.
  6. Visit a local park.
  7. Go visit animals at the animal shelter.
  8. Get manicures or pedicures.
  9. Visit new restaurants.
  10. Start a book club with your friends.
  11. Play card games.
  12. Play a question game like 21-questions.
  13. Have a yard sale.
  14. Play board games.
  15. Have a movie marathon.
  16. Take a walking tour.
  17. Build something with your hands.
  18. Start a community sports league.
  19. Go fishing at a local pond.
  20. Have brunch together.
  21. Go to a local bowling alley.
  22. Try out a new ice cream parlor.
  23. Give your friends a makeover.
  24. Have a karaoke competition.
  25. Visit your community garden.
  26. Host a dinner party.
  27. Paint your walls.
  28. Host a costume party.
  29. Walk dogs.
  30. Pay a random act of kindness.


  1. Have a video game tournament.
  2. Build a fort.
  3. Clean the house.
  4. Learn how to cook.
  5. Build a lego set.
  6. Solve puzzles together.
  7. Start a dance party in the living room.
  8. Do indoor fitness.
  9. Have a singing competition.
  10. Make a dance competition.
  11. Learn how to do home repairs.
  12. Make pasta.
  13. Try group meditation together.
  14. Give each other pedicures.
  15. Make a cheese plate.
  16. Have a pot luck.
  17. Play indoor mini-golf.
  18. Binge watch a TV series.
  19. Make ice cream together.
  20. Repair cars.
  21. Share interior design plans.
  22. Have a camp fire.
  23. Watch the sunrise.
  24. Watch the sunset.
  25. Create your own clothing.
  26. Learn how to sew.
  27. Exchange books.
  28. Learn how to speak another language.
  29. Play a new video game together.
  30. Learn to play an instrument.


  1. Play football.
  2. Play baseball.
  3. Learn to play cricket.
  4. Play "bags" or "corn hole."
  5. BBQ food.
  6. Have a Hawaiian themed party.
  7. Play lawn darts.
  8. Paint pictures outdoors.
  9. Go for a hike.
  10. Visit a random store.
  11. Go to a brand new city.
  12. Try the local coffee shop.
  13. Go to a new restaurant.
  14. Go to happy hour.
  15. Create an outdoor scavenger hunt.
  16. Feed animals at a farm.
  17. Try to break a world record.
  18. Use sidewalk chalk and draw on the street.
  19. Go to a community pool.
  20. Play a friendly prank on the neighbor.
  21. Do an outdoor exercise.
  22. Visit a local museum or historical landmark.
  23. Tie dye clothing.
  24. Go flower picking.
  25. Plant trees.
  26. Plant community flowers.
  27. Go to the farmers market.
  28. Drop cards off at the neighbors.
  29. Make food for the neighborhood.
  30. Host a block party.

Online (Or At Home)

  1. Have a Zoom dance party.
  2. Play online poker.
  3. Host a video chat happy hour.
  4. Download a new app and explore the features.
  5. Play a role playing game.
  6. Watch the same movie together.
  7. Take an online Skillshare class.
  8. Play a trivia game.
  9. Call friends on FaceTime by surprise.
  10. Build the same LEGO set.
  11. Go to random chat rooms.
  12. Watch instructional YouTube videos.
  13. Play an instrument through a video chat.
  14. Learn how to play an instrument through Youtube.
  15. Catalog all the places you've visited.
  16. Send friendly emails to other friends.
  17. Tell someone what they mean to you together.
  18. Listen to the same podcast.
  19. Browse Google Earth together.
  20. Make a cocktail together.
  21. Draw the same picture.
  22. Paint the same picture from an image online.
  23. Invite a friend to have a video chat party.
  24. Learn how to do magic tricks.
  25. Show them around your house.
  26. Create a time capsule.
  27. Write in a journal.
  28. Create personal goals.
  29. Listen to the same music.
  30. Write a song together.

At Night

  1. Play hide and go seek.
  2. Use flashlights and make shadow animals.
  3. Go to a bar.
  4. Visit a night club.
  5. Visit a late night landmark.
  6. Have fast food.
  7. Walk around your neighborhood.
  8. Look at the stars.
  9. Identify star patterns.
  10. Host a Netflix party.
  11. Go camping.
  12. Have a bonfire.
  13. Ride the train.
  14. Ride bikes at night.
  15. Drive around the town.
  16. Go to a concert.
  17. Create a movie (or scary movie).
  18. Visit a jazz club.
  19. Look at architecture.
  20. Visit the ocean at night.
  21. Go to the open beaches.
  22. Late night window shopping.
  23. Catch bugs.
  24. Feed birds.
  25. Get a physic reading.
  26. Play a Ouija board.
  27. Visit a major city with lights.
  28. Play ghost in the graveyard.
  29. Put on a concert.
  30. Have friends over and have a party!

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