Philosophical Questions: 150+ Best Questions to Ask (2021)

💡 The Best List of Philosophical Questions to Ask a Friend, Date, Family Member, or Colleague.

Last update: 2021-06-15

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The best list of philosophical questions to ask.

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  1. General Philosophical Questions
  2. Funny Philosophical Questions
  3. Deep Philosophical Questions
  4. Unanswerable Philosophical Questions
  5. Dumb Philosophical Questions

Philosophical questions get people to think. It encourages a deep, meaningful conversation. And often, presents opportunities to have unanswerable questions to some of our life's largest mysteries. When asking philosophical questions, it's best to have friends gathered together, ready to ask about the wonders of the universe.

Get ready to ask yourselves about mankind, about God, about religion, and much more. Ask a philosophical question to spark a discussion at your next party, evening gathering, or dinner.

Philosophical Questions to Ask

Best philosophical questions to ask. Ask these thought-provoking questions to spark a fun conversation.

General Philosophical Questions

  1. Is there such a thing as "good and evil?"
  2. What is human consciousness?
  3. Does God exist?
  4. Do we actually have free will?
  5. How much freedom is too much freedom?
  6. What's the odds of intelligent life in the universe?
  7. Do parallel universes exist?
  8. Does fate exist?
  9. What makes our society a "modern world?"
  10. What causes s#xual desire in humans?
  11. Is a formal education worth it?
  12. If God exists, why is there so much evil prevalent in our society?
  13. How can we get a better understanding of the human brain?
  14. What's your worst negative trait?
  15. Is there human potential in people who are classified as "evil?"
  16. Are universal human rights a good thing in the modern age?
  17. What is fair trade if all trade should be fair already?
  18. What is "equal value" when all value is equal to us?
  19. How can someone live a "good life?"
  20. What's a good way that we can increase the human life expectancy?
  21. Is a Master's Degree worth it?
  22. Is limiting immigration a positive thing for our society?
  23. Do technological advances improve our living life?
  24. What are the harsh truths about human nature?
  25. Are you the same person today that you were 10-years ago?
  26. If you were to d#e tomorrow, what would you want to be remembered by?
  27. What is "self-worth?"
  28. Should we ban drugs in society?
  29. Why are humans so drawn to unhealthy lifestyles?
  30. What happens in our brain when we are "decision-making?"
  31. Is it possible that our "real world" is actually a simulation?
  32. Are organ donors are good thing for our society?
  33. What's the biggest threat to humanity?
  34. Would you choose immortality if you had the option?

Funny Philosophical Questions

  1. Would Adam and Eve have a belly button if God created them?
  2. If all humans had a million dollars would happiness be easy for us all?
  3. What would happen if we didn't have reproductive parts?
  4. What would life look like if we had to reproduce in front of each other?
  5. If your life was in a parallel universe, what would it look like?
  6. What would the meaning of life be if we didn't have s#x?
  7. What makes humans "free?"
  8. Imagine if we had the ability to speak to animals, what would you say?
  9. Do you respect the dead or the living more?
  10. What would happen if our world was turned upside down?
  11. How would you define the word "s#x?"
  12. What would happen if we destroyed our entire government today?
  13. What's the first thing you would say to an animal if you could speak to them?
  14. Imagine you were representing humans. And aliens came to earth. What would you say to them?
  15. Do you think that philosophers were taking drugs?
  16. Is it possible that drugs don't work and we just pretend that they do?
  17. What would humanity be like without sporting events?
  18. What's the point of consciousness if we fall asleep at night?
  19. Why can't we eat inside the womb when we have a mouth?
  20. Why do we not really understand the human brain when we have one?
  21. When someone says they're "smart," what do you think they really mean?
  22. Is it better to be unintelligent and handsome? Or ugly and really smart?
  23. When someone says they're interested in "philosophy," what does it say about their character?
  24. What does it mean to have "character?"
  25. What are the absolute worst values that you have from when you were a child?
  26. Is there a value behind having "knowledge?"
  27. What's better, being talented or being intelligent?
  28. Why do some animals exist when they serve absolutely no purpose?
  29. Why is it that a pack of gum is 100-calories?
  30. Why do we say "I forgot" when really we didn't forget?
  31. Why is it that we can choose to remember certain things?
  32. When it comes to our memories, how are they not rushing into our minds all the time?
  33. If each person couldn't decide what they did for a career, would our world be better or worse?
  34. If we didn't have thumbs, how would we get things done?

Deep Philosophical Questions

  1. What would your ideal government look like?
  2. If you had one body part of someone else, what would it be?
  3. What is the key to happiness?
  4. What does society mean and why do we have to live in one?
  5. What is the purpose in life for each person?
  6. What do you think happens during our death?
  7. If we are living in a reality? Then what is an alternate reality?
  8. If a person could define their own future, would that make our world better?
  9. Is it possible that God exists in each of us?
  10. Do you believe that we exist beyond our death?
  11. Do you believe in parallel universes?
  12. Is it possible that each human has a purpose on this earth more than they understand?
  13. Would the world be a better place without money?
  14. Would the world be a better place without s#x?
  15. Would you choose to live on Mars if you were given the opportunity?
  16. If a genie granted you all the answers to the universe, would you want to know them?
  17. Why is it that humans stand behind their beliefs?
  18. Is it possible that humans are actually losing their intelligence and not evolving?
  19. What happens when we d#e?
  20. When someone says they took a "wrong turn" in life, what do you think they mean by that?
  21. What is morality in human nature?
  22. What is the purpose of human existence?
  23. Why is religion good and bad for our society and culture?
  24. What's the point of laughter?
  25. Do we progress when we think of philosophy as a part of science?
  26. If God created the world, who created God?
  27. Is God a man or a woman?
  28. What is the idea of "free speech" in our society and why is it regulated?
  29. If you had to save humanity, how would you do it?
  30. Imagine you could eliminate pollution, how would you do it?
  31. Are standing right side up or upside down right now?
  32. What's entirely immoral to the human condition?
  33. How is it that humans decide to measure success?
  34. When is the best time of the year to fall in love?
  35. What is one word that describes the meaning of our existence?
  36. Is it possible that two people could fall in love the moment they see each other?
  37. Should every human have access to the secrets of the universe?

Unanswerable Philosophical Questions

  1. If you owned the country, what's one thing you would do to change the course of history?
  2. Are science and art actually the same thing?
  3. Do people really fall asleep at night or are they asleep during the day?
  4. How would you save humanity if an astroid were coming to earth?
  5. Why do we need to eat food in order to survive?
  6. What is the point of power and why does every human want it?
  7. What's the idea of "true love," and do you believe it actually exists?
  8. Is it better to have a strong moral compass or to have strong values?
  9. When do you think we stop learning as a child? At what age is it that we end our knowledge desire?
  10. Is it possible that we truly never tell the truth? And that everything in our world is some type of lie?
  11. What's the point of having multiple species living on one earth?
  12. Is our world better with laws or would it be better without laws?
  13. If we had to live on another planet, which planet would be best?
  14. Is it plausible that the world is actually flat?
  15. Is it plausible that we didn't actually land on the moon?
  16. When we d#e, what do you think heaven looks like?
  17. If God were to give us one piece of advice, what would it be?
  18. Do you believe that God is happy with the way humanity currently works?
  19. Is it possible that each person can see a different reality?
  20. Do we think that people are actually seeing ghosts?
  21. Why are we searching for the God particle?
  22. Should humans be asking what the meaning of life is?
  23. What would our world look like without the idea of time?
  24. What's one word that describes time without saying the word "time?"
  25. What is the point of something having a "value" to us in this world?
  26. Can money be anything that we decide it is?
  27. When you're at the gates of Heaven, what's the first thing you're going to say?
  28. If you had to decide on one song to play during your funeral, what would it be?
  29. Is it possible that some parts of history never truly existed?
  30. History says that aliens visited our planet, is it possible that some humans left Earth?
  31. Why was Einstein the last one to make declarations on Math and physics?
  32. When is the best time for someone to fall in love in their life?
  33. Should we be able to control our lives or is government control a good thing?
  34. Why can't we "answer" questions sometimes? Why do we feel like we don't know something about ourselves?
  35. When was the world created around us?

Dumb Philosophical Questions

  1. Why are people self-absorbed?
  2. What's the desire behind taking "selfie" pictures?
  3. What is the idea of "knowledge," and do we all really have it?
  4. If you had the power to kill someone with one glare, would you want that power?
  5. Imagine you could change the day you were born, what day would you change it to?
  6. Do we really have accurate memories? Or is everything in our minds slightly altered?
  7. If you could change the way you d#e, would you want to do it?
  8. Is the idea of "Good" and "Evil" truly part of our society?
  9. Do we exist to have a purpose or do we have a purpose and that's why we exist?
  10. What's one word that describes consciousness without using the word "awake?"
  11. What if our dreams come true, what would happen?
  12. Is it possible that every person on this Earth is related to each other?
  13. Is there truly a Heaven and a Hell?
  14. Are laws created in order to be broken?
  15. Is it possible that we are living in an alternate universe? Or a reality that we created?
  16. Is there plausibility that our world was created by robots?
  17. Will robots take over in the future?
  18. What would happen if robots took over our society? Would they give us jobs to do much as we do to them?
  19. What's the idea of "getting revenge," and why is it part of our human nature?
  20. When we say we "think" about something, what is our brain actually doing?
  21. Should our life be busy or be a constant state of relaxation much like Buddha said?
  22. When we close our eyes, what do we see?
  23. When someone makes a mistake, is it simply because other people see it as a mistake that it is truly an error?
  24. How is it possible that we have emotions but other animals don't have as many as us?
  25. Is it plausible that we have been put on this earth by aliens and we are living on this Earth temporarily?
  26. Is it possible that we are just "batteries" to aliens and that they are gaining power from us?
  27. In history, they said that humans had more intelligence and ability than they do today. Is it possible that humans had supernatural abilities?
  28. When something happens to us that feels "special" or "magical," what are we really feeling on an emotional level?
  29. Why is it that we cry when we are feeling emotional? What tells our body to shed tears from our face in order to feel better?
  30. Is math something that was created by humans in order to make sense of the world? Or was math part of this world before we existed?
  31. Is it possible that we get recreated once we d#e and that we have to try life over again?
  32. Why do some cultures believe in different things than other cultures, when we all have the same brain?
  33. Why does a woman have an egg but the baby comes out as a child instead of still inside the egg?
  34. Why do some animals lay eggs and other animals have their children without the egg?
  35. If we didn't have mouths, would we evolve to being able to speak to each other through our minds?

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best list of philosophical questions to ask
best list of philosophical questions to ask
best list of philosophical questions to ask
best list of philosophical questions to ask
best list of philosophical questions to ask
best list of philosophical questions to ask

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